ProSani Consultancy

Designed to meet the growing needs of organisations/companies wanting to fulfil its infection control responsibilities and reduce the unwanted risks that are associated with infection. ProSani Consultancy services provide an unbiased, clear and cost effective solution. Our services are independent and confidential thereby reducing the stigma attached to such inspections and findings.




The importance of having the inspection undertaken by an independent company:
  • Internal inspections by employees of the organisation/department have a tendency to be biased, being influenced by internal staffing relations resulting in cover ups. Such cover-ups may prove highly costly for your department in the longer run. Having an independent service is the only way to have an unbiased report that reflects the true nature of your department’s level of infection control & hygiene.

The importance of having the inspection report & findings confidential to the department:
  • Infection & Hygiene management inspection reports that are documented for external/public reading can have a damaging effect on staff moral within the department and reduce the level of confidence for the department’s users. Such negative PR can be highly damaging to the departments reputation and those working within it. Using a confidential service that only provides the report findings direct to the managers within the department allows the department to learn and improve its infection control and hygiene without the unnecessary negative consequences.

Why should organisations/businesses take up this service:
  • The service is a pro-active step in helping to reduce the spread of infection and maintaining a healthier & hygienic environment within your work place and to reduce the associated costs of poor hygiene.
  • It is also the responsibility of managers of companies or institutions to ensure a risk free and hygienic environment. This is an active step in fulfilling this requirement. Each service comes with a Certificate of Completion at the end.

Service Cost/Time Frame:
  • To meet our company aims we have priced our service as LOW AS POSSIBLE so that we encourage more organisations to take up this opportunity to improve its infection control & hygiene.
  • To Simplify our pricing we have allocated appropriate packages that provide the level of services required by customers and it provides the customers the approximate timeframe required to complete each package.
  • Services are offered in three packages; Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • The package also lists the Onsite inspection days. We therefore recommend that for large departments customers select the Gold or Platinum package to unable a more thorough inspection of each area /room within your department.

Our team have designed the most optimum data collection methods and analysis to ensure maximum relevant information is obtained from our inspections. This provides you with the most reliable set of findings and effective solutions to improve your department’s infection control. The packages are listed below:

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