ProSani Campaign Planners

ProSani Campaign Planners provides a dedicated, specialised infection control print campaign based solution for businesses and organisations. This service has been introduced to meet the growing needs of organisations/companies to create awareness amongst staff and customers of the importance of improved hygiene & infection control. Most organisations /businesses rely solely on products such as hand wash, hand gels and cleaning materials to improve infection control and hygiene. This however fails to deal with the root of the problem which tends to be the lack of understanding and awareness from both staff and service-users towards good infection control procedures and hand hygiene.





Why should Organisations & Businesses take up this service:
  • It is essential to take pro-active steps to reduce the costs associated with infection and poor hygiene.
  • An awareness campaign is a highly effective method in conveying vital information on infection control in a simple easy to understand catchy persuasive language.
  • Prevention of poor practices is essential in creating a suitable safe environment for your workers and users of your service.

The Service offers:
  • Bespoke Print campaign designs
  • Posters of all sizes
  • Frames of all sizes and various types (if framing is required we will provide the posters ready framed)
  • Flyers, leaflets of all sizes
  • Brochures of all sizes
  • Welcome/information packs
  • Merchandise (e.g. T-shirts, pens, gift items etc.)
  • Free Delivery


Service Costs:

Our consolidated rates of printing and services allow us to provide the lowest prices.
Our prices are kept as low as possible to encourage the use of this service.

Why Choose ProSani Campaign Planners:

We are specialised in the field of infection control, so we are able to provide optimum Infection & hygiene related campaigns to improve awareness and create a lasting positive impact. We provide a bespoke service that works for you to achieve the desired result. Your requirements are listed and we provide a free no-obligation quotation.

Why the bespoke method is the most beneficial method to maximise awareness for better hygiene:
  • The print campaigns are designed to compliment your external environment and decorative surroundings. This avoids horrible clashes in colour and design that can negatively effect the overall ambiance of a particular setting.
  • The print campaigns are designed to compliment the current themes that are in place in your settings.
  • The print campaigns are designed to relate to the users of that setting.
  • The print campaigns are designed to meet the objectives that you have listed.
  • The print campaigns are designed to include all texts and pictures etc. that you may wish to use as part of your campaign in your setting, alternatively we can advise you of suitable pictures and text.
How does this service work?
  • We provide you a detailed questionnaire to complete so that we are better aware of your requirements and objectives.
  • Based on the information and objectives you provide we will provide a free/ No obligation quotation. Alternatively we can provide a solution based around your budget and needs.
  • If you accept the quotation, we will then arrange via phone, email or personal visit a confirmation of your requirements and discuss any pictures texts that you would want included.
  • We will at this stage start the planning and design process for your campaign.
  • We will provide a draft of your campaign and request acceptance or changes (All changes are at no extra cost).
  • We will provide final accepted version of your campaign ready for print. (i.e. posters, leaflets, flyers, brochures, framing & merchandise)
  • We will print all requested items and provide Free delivery.
  • If required we can provide suitable printed feedback templates for use in monitoring the effectiveness of the campaign.


We understand the importance of awareness and how a suitable print based campaign can really make a big difference in the reduction of the spread of infection.

Our team is dedicated to helping organisations and companies improve the levels of infection control and help reduce its unwanted costs. Sufficient cost savings can be achieved through better infection control management.

Through effective consolidation we can provide an effective print based campaign at a very reasonable price.

We aim to keep our prices as low as possible so that we can retain you as a long term customer for your future campaign needs.

To enquire about print based infection control campaigns please contact us at :
Alternatively ask for one of our campaign planners (Mon-Fri 9.30am – 4.30pm) on: 020 8200 2327